Panty Seller Pro - 1 Week To Learn Everything You Need To Know About The Inner And Outer Workings Of A Global Pantypreneur Empire
Grow your audience consistently whilst creating 'hell yes' offers for your ideal customers who just can't get enough (and who pay handsomely!)
Work With Me For 1 Week And Walk Out Crystal Clear on How To Sell Products And Services To Your Ideal Customers In A Way That Feels Easy & Fun!
Warning: this is a serious implementation intensive for sellers who are ready to nail down and start ACTING like a 
TOP 1% Seller!!
It’s time to COMMIT to being the top seller you know you really are and I want to help you get there - FAST!
5 Hours (over 7 days) of LIVE video training on how to tap in to the needs and desires of your ideal customer!
How to stand out miles ahead of the competition and do what most sellers aren't doing!
Creating content that magnetises your customers and the sales strategies to do EXACTLY that.
Inner Circle 'behind the scenes' podcast where Dalma shares her top secret strategies.
This is not for you if you’re looking for ‘how to package items’, ‘which payment options should I use?’ or ‘what address should I put on a return label?’ - 
(that’s all included in The Ultimate Guide).

This training is for those who really want to EXCEL in this industry and position themselves at the very top of the industry whilst avoiding the mistakes that most sellers make – myself included.

This training is for the 1%.

It’s for the sellers that already ‘get’ that there is inner and outer work that will impact all levels of your business (and life).

Those are the sellers that I created this training for.

Is that you?
Are you ready to go next level and quickly?
Are You Ready To Step Into Your Full Potential As An Online Seller?
THIS INCREDIBLE training is the culmination of years of selling experience combined with the mentorship of thousands of panty sellers online as well as hours of sales and marketing implementation
Panty Seller Pro is the fundamental training for selling using my unique and proven strategies for finding (and keeping) your diehard customers who continue to buy and love everything you do!
Here's What' Inside...
For 7 Days we'll cover over FIVE hours of in-depth live video and audio training designed to turn you into someone that just GETS how this all works. Flip the switch on your sales FAST!

My Inner Circle Podcast episodes with top secret sales strategies and how I implemented them

Nail Your Niche Guide so that you can get laser-focused on who you're selling too (spoiler: this makes your job MUCH easier!!)

My Own Sales Swipe File including all the creative and completely UNIQUE ideas I brought to the industry

How I Made $15,000 in One Year Book - follow my proven strategies so that you can start making sales.

Access to private Discord group so that you have ongoing support and access to me for any questions you may have

Try it risk-free. If you implement all the strategies shared in the Panty Seller Pro Training and after 90 days you haven't made one sale, you can have your money back!
"I just broke $1800 in sales for the month of December!! That's only from panty selling platforms!I've really busted my ass to make it happen but wanted to say thank you again, Dalma."
"5 new buyers (PAID!) in the past three days thanks to this plan. I revamped my entire bio (still need to fix my shop items) but literally got buyers messaging me first and really excited to get to know me!"
"At the very very end of the day yesterday I had my first 3 figure day!!! I'm pretty sure I found a panty unicorn! Thank you sooo much Dalma for putting your literal soul into the trainings you offer. They are truly priceless!"
"Thanks to your wisdom and my hard work, I've made about $900 in my first month. I'm so grateful I found you. I'm recently unemployed and your training has been a lifesaver and given me purpose. Just wow. Thank you again!"
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Video and audio trainings and the inner and outer workings of selling online in this industry
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings and personalised support from Dalma so that if there's anything you need additional support with, you got it!
  • Killer sales strategies that work (especially in this industry) from someone who knows what works and has proven success on most platforms. 
  • Inner Circle Podcast & Secret Sales SWIPE file
This is only for panty sellers who are serious about becoming a top seller - 
a 1%er!
You want success and I want that for you too. I know there's nothing else available that will help your sales on such a foundational and profound level. What's more, what you learn in Panty Seller Pro can translate to selling ANYTHING online.
So, what happens next?
You'll be added to the Panty Selling School Member's Area where you'll have lifetime access to current and any future trainings added inside The Panty Seller Pro Training.

If you need any help implementing the strategies inside the Guide, Dalma's on hand to answer your questions. It couldn't be any easier to get set up and selling!
Is there a guarantee?
Yes! If you haven't made one sale in 90 days after implementing all the strategies laid out in Panty Seller Pro, you'll be entitled to a full refund. I want to make this a no-brainer for you.
What’s next?
If you're ready to be taken to Panty Seller Pro, click the link below and let's do this!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Due to the automatic nature of the training no automatic refunds are permitted outside of the 90 Day Sale refund policy. If you haven't made a sale in 90 days following the advice given to you in this training, you may receive a full refund.
Do I need to be on a platform already?
Yes. You don't need to have been on for a certain amount of time but at the very least you ought to be registered on a selling platform. We'll cover some basics and then deep-dive on mindset.

Do I need special equipment?
All you need is your smartphone to take pictures and register with a panty selling platform.

Do I need to spend more money on the site?
You'll need to upgrade to premium membership on your platform. Depending on the platform that will be anything from $5-$20 per month. You won't be able to sell on these platforms without premium membership.
What if I don't make a sale?
You can expect to make your first sale in the first 4-6 weeks. It takes time but if you follow the advice in the guide it make be a lot sooner.

I'm an older seller/BBW, is this just for young/slim women?
Anyone can sell. There's a market for everyone. Sellers come in all shapes and sizes!

Will you help me if I get stuck?
Yes! It's my passion and purpose to see you succeed. I'll do my best to help you with whatever you're struggling with.

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