Video $tar - How To Create Videos Your Buyers (And Bank Balance) Will LOVE!
Including What To Create, How To Create It & Most Importantly, How And Where To Sell It...
Are You Stuck On How To Create Sensational Videos? Do You Want To Maximise Your Income Potential Through Video Content? 
Do You Wish You Had More Videos To Sell That Really Satisfy Your Customers And Have Them Wanting More?
Adding video content to your existing offers on selling sites, subscriptions sites and video platforms can 10x (or more) your potential income.

Imagine...less than one hour of work going on to generate hundreds of dollars of income - that's the power of passive income. You make it once and you sell it many times! 

That's why top sellers are using video sales to boost their income and you can too!
Learn the tips and tools  of the trade with top video creation hacks to take your videos from good to great using simple tricks anyone can do!
Video trainings including my own video creation - where I get my ideas and how you can model them to create videos that your customers love!
How to market your videos to the right customers and where to find them - including what words to use to sell your videos to your target market.
No need to invest in fancy equipment. You can create epic videos using just your smartphone and my favorite app - I'll even show you how I use it!
I remember the first few videos I made as a seller back in 2019... I made so many rookie mistakes!

I recorded my videos in portrait instead of landscape. I filmed on my laptop and compressed videos (which meant the quality sucked). I let my customers download my videos. I didn't watermark them and I didn't share them properly. I made content before I got paid for it... On top of that there was no system or process to the content I made or who I marketed to!!  

Fast forward to today and I've created hundreds of videos that have generated thousands and thousands of dollars in revenue. I've sold on platforms, subscription sites and video sites. 
The truth is that most sellers are simply 'winging it' with their video content creation. They don't have a plan and they don't realise just how lucrative digital content sales can be if done correctly!

That's why I created Video $tar - to take you from 'winging it' to 'winning' with your video content!

Are You Ready To Finally Create Videos That Allow You To Generate More Income From More Customers?
The market for digital content is huge. right now hundreds of thousands of customers are looking for online digital content. are you going to sell it to them?
Video $tar has been made specifically for you and in a way that you can easily comprehend and implement starting from today. You'll have all the tools, know-how and strategies to create amazing videos that your customers love and want to see more!

Here's What' Inside...
In-depth video trainings where I walk you through the best hacks for creating videos that make your customers drool - and make you more money! 

A full guide to help you create top selling videos - without the need for a fancy or expensive equipment!

Creative ideas that you can use to come up with new content ideas so that you're not stuck wondering what video to make next and what your customers want.

My own video creation process including a video of how I make my own videos.

How and where to sell your videos so that you're not left wondering what you need to do next to make sales.

How you can start taking better videos - starting today! 
"I'm so grateful for you. After using some of tips I went on to make $100+ in my first week on I Want Clips! Thanks for all the knowledge."
"Dalma's training is GOLD. Thank you for helping me become financially stable and be able to provide for my family. I wouldn't have been able to do that without the trainings."
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Video and audio trainings PLUS a full PDF guide step-by-step on how to turn your videos into money-makers
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings and personalised support from Dalma so that if there's anything you need additional support with, you got it!
  • Dalma's own sales strategies and copywriting swipe file and top secrets on how you can create your own unique content. 
  • Free access to the Sellers Before Fellas Discord Community 300+ Sellers
This is only for you if you want to emulate top sellers with best-selling videos that leave your customers drooling!
You can absolutely keep creating videos the way you've been making them or you can find out how to create better videos and how to actually SELL them to your ideal customers using the strategies and techniques I'll be teaching you in the 
Video $tar course!!
So, what happens next?
You'll be added to the Panty Selling School Member's Area where you'll have lifetime access to current and any future trainings added inside the Video $tar Training.

If you need any help implementing the strategies inside the Guide, Dalma's on hand to answer your questions. It couldn't be any easier to get set up and selling!
What’s next?
If you're ready to be taken to Video $tar, click the link below and let's do this!
Due to the automatic nature of the training no refunds are permitted. If you need help, please email 
Do I need a fancy camera for this course?
No, this course is designed for those using their smartphone to take videos. If you have an expensive camera, that's great. You'll still learn a lot from this course but it won't teach you how to use your camera! The trainings assume you're using a smartphone with app access.

Do I need special equipment?
I do recommend a couple of additional items of equipment you can purchase to enhance your film set as well as an app that will cost you a few dollars. 
I'm not very good at filming?
Don't worry, the course is designed with you in mind. I'm going to teach you the most basic hacks and show you how to use my favourite app to create stunning videos. 

Will you help me if I get stuck?
Yes! It's my passion and purpose to see you succeed. I'll do my best to help you with whatever you're struggling with. 

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