How to get up, running, and selling on Panty Selling sites - FAST! (The Web's #1 most popular guide to selling whilst avoiding mistakes and having fun!)
A step-by-step explanation of how to actually make a profit selling your underwear on panty selling platforms.
Are You Confused About How To Start Selling Underwear Online? Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
I've coached tens of thousands of women on how to sell their goods and services online. Let's get you started selling TODAY!
Lifetime Access to the Member's Area
Step-by-step guidance
Proven sales strategies and techniques
Ongoing Support to help you succeed
When I first started selling panties online, I was jumping from pillar to post trying to figure everything out! I felt overwhelmed and waaaaay out of my depth.

I got scammed, I made mistakes and I sucked at sales.

You see, I didn't fully grasp the #1 secret of what it takes to make sales on these sites. I was fumbling around copying what everyone else was doing and getting nowhere - FAST! 

Once I understood what it was really about, that's when EVERYTHING changed! Once I 'got it', I spent hundreds of hours teaching it to other sellers and watched them get similar results.

That's why I've created my online trainings.

You can either waste your time trying to figure it out - and maybe not even getting that far - or you can help me help you. 
Are you ready to save yourself valuable time, energy and money?

Are You Ready To Join The Thousands Of Women Making Money Online?
I know that money is probably a BIG motivation for you entering this work. That's why I've kept this offer at a super LOW price. Just one sale will recoup your money and I know that by implementing the strategies I share, it won't take you long to make your first sale!

Here's What' Inside...
What You Need To Know Before You Even Begin (What Most Panty Sellers Won't Tell You And What You'll Wish You Knew!)

Getting Started - Your Profile/Brand/Business

Your Pictures - Including my #1 HACK on how to take great shots - especially if you're taking them yourself!

Where To Sell - The Best Of The Best (And What To Avoid!)

Tools Of The Trade - What You'll Need PLUS Tips and Tricks To Enhance The Quality Of Your Content

What To Sell & What To Charge - Full Pricing Guide included

How To Sell - Sales Techniques and Strategies That Work!

Receiving Payments Plus Your Online Security

The Inner Work - Including The Mindset Shift Needed To Keep You On Top Of The Game And Outshining Your Competitors!
Try it risk-free. If you implement all the strategies shared in the Guide and after 90 days you haven't made one sale, you can have your money back!
"I'm so excited. I just made my official first panty sale! 
I started listening to the Ultimate Guide today. I used some tips from Dalma and listed a new pair today. Sold within an hour. THANK YOU! I can't recommend your trainings highly enough to other sellers.
Jessie - Panty Seller
I made 5 sales yesterday, over $200. The training and the podcast has been life changing for me, I went from sitting at home with depression and not doing a single thing all day to now I have goals and I found myself again. Thank you, thank you!!
Roxxanne  - Panty Seller
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  48 audio and video easy-to-follow trainings - no need for fancy equipment or additional expenses. Just set up and get started IMMEDIATELY! 
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings and personalised support from Dalma so that if there's anything you need additional support with, you got it!
  •  Proven top tips and hacks on the best panty selling strategies most sellers either don't know or aren't implementing!
  • Free access to the Sellers Before Fellas Discord Community 300+ Sellers
This is the best training to get you up and started straight away!
You want success and I want that for you too.
So, what happens next?
You'll be added to the Panty Selling School Member's Area where you'll have lifetime access to current and any future trainings added inside The Ultimate Guide.

If you need any help implementing the strategies inside the Guide, Dalma's on hand to answer your questions. It couldn't be any easier to get set up and selling!
Is there a guarantee?
Yes! If you haven't made one sale in 90 days after implementing all the strategies laid out in the Ultimate Guide, you'll be entitled to a full refund. I want to make this a no-brainer for you.
What’s next?
If you're ready to be taken to the Ultimate Guide, click the link below and let's do this!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Due to the automatic nature of the training no automatic refunds are permitted outside of the 90 Day Sale refund policy. If you haven't made a sale in 90 days following my advice, you may receive a full refund.
Do I need to be on a platform already?
Ideally you will have registered on a panty site like Pantydeal, All Things Worn or Scented Pansy.

Do I need special equipment?
All you need is your smartphone to take pictures and register with a panty selling platform.

Do I need to spend more money on the site?
You'll need to upgrade to premium membership on your platform. Depending on the platform that will be anything from $5-$20 per month. You won't be able to sell on these platforms without premium membership.

What if I don't make a sale?
You can expect to make your first sale in the first 4-6 weeks. It takes time but if you follow the advice in the guide it make be a lot sooner.

I'm an older seller/BBW, is this just for young/slim women?
Anyone can sell. There's a market for everyone. Sellers come in all shapes and sizes!

Will you help me if I get stuck?
Yes! It's my passion and purpose to see you succeed. I'll do my best to help you with whatever you're struggling with.

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